Colourpop Cosmetics Review Part 1: Supershock Shadows

Dec 22, 2014

The people I follow on Instagram are like 85% fashion and beauty related. I just love looking at people's different pages and seeing the immense talent some people have. There has been some buzz about Colourpop Cosmetics because they have awesome products but what's even cooler is that their stuff is super affordable. Starting at $5! I started following the brand on Instagram and I was immediately convinced to do some shopping. I ended up getting some of their shadows and lippe stix and liners.

This part of the review is going to focus on the shadows and then I will dedicate another blog post to their lip products.

I purchased the "Down With Decorum" set which is part of the holiday collection. It comes with three limited edition shades as well as three shades from their permanent line. The shades included in this set are:

Liberty: a true, metallic silver.
Eve: an antique-gold with a mettalic finish
Game Face: a coppery shade with a mettalic finish
Mooning: very dark brown with bits of glitter reflects
La-La: rose gold color
Glitterati: silver color with gold flecks

From top left: Liberty, Eve, Game Face, Mooning, La-La, Glitterati
Colourpop "Down With Decorum" set swatches (no primer, no flash) : Liberty, Liberty, Game Face, Eve, Mooning, La-La, Glitterati

As you can see, they swatched pretty well and that was without primer. The shadows have a satiny or metallic finish. Some have flecks of glitter in them. Those are a little more difficult to blend out in looks in my opinion but still workable. They make a bit of a mess with fallout, but that's expected with shadows that have glitter in them. 

The shadows have this pretty cool sponges texture and I'll admit that I spent a good five minutes playing with it and poking about with my brush. It's a little similar to the Infallible eyeshadows my Loreal. They're like a powder-cream, if that makes sense. This means that you have to be careful not to let your shadows sit out unconvered because they will dry out.

My only gripe is that a couple of the colors (Eve and La-La) look very similar once applied. You can see that in the search photo above as well. They looked different in the little pot.  I also wish Colourpop had more matte shades since I tend to favor those. Their permanent line has a few and I will be trying those out next. 

And here is a look I did with "Liberty" shadow on the lid. Super pigmented, I applied it with a wet brush. I love how metallic it looks on the lid. Just look at how nice and solid that is. Not patchy at all. A great party look! Or for you gals that love a nice, bold look on regular days. Colourpop shadows are also featured in my Holiday Glam and Bright Sophistication makeup looks.

I give these shadows my kiss of approval and strongly recommend them. At $5 each you can hardly go wrong. Plus you get $5 off when you sign up, which is basically a free eyeshadow :D.

Colourpop eyeshadows can be purchased at

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