Add Some Color With Redken Color Rebel Hair Makeup

Oct 4, 2014

Redken Color Rebel Hair Makeup in "Gilt-y As Charged" and "Punked Up Pink"

I was given the chance to try out the Redken Color Rebel temporary color. I'll admit I was kind of hesitant because I have really dark hair and temporary colors usually don't show up well on it. But I decided to test it out by doing a couple of peek-a-boo streaks in the front of my hair. I didn't want to go too crazy since I had to be mindful of my job (darn it).

Redken Color Rebel Hair Makeup "Punked Up Pink"
The color I tried was "Punked Up Pink". The color comes packaged in a cylindrical tube with a separate spongy attachment. You had to remove the cap and attach the sponge yourself. This was pretty messy (well for me at least!) and I advise for you to wear gloves because this does stain. It comes off but it took a lot of scrubbing. 

You select the section of hair you want to color and you apply it using the spongy-thingy (can't think of another name for it). Depending on how intense you want the color, you can keep layering it on. I layered it about three times since my hair color is dark. After applying the color, you have to brush it out to distribute and set the color. You can also use a blow dryer but I just brushed it out. One thing about this is that you have to brush it out pretty thoroughly since it does stiffen your hair a bit, creating tangles.

And the color is pretty intense! After one wash, it stayed pretty pigmented. I got my hair done at the salon the next day and the stylists couldn't believe I achieved this color without bleaching it. They were pretty excited when I mentioned this product. The color blended really nicely with my hair since I chose subtle sections and my hair is dyed burgundy. And because my hair is burgundy, the pink showed up more on the purple side which I loved since you all know purple is my favorite color. I'm considering using it again to do peek-a-boo streaks through my head to keep it work appropriate. It washes out after two shampoos depending on much you layered and on the porosity of your hair. But for a quick removal, there's Redken Hair Cleansing Creme. Also, rubbing on some Argan Oil would do the trick.

My hair after one shampoo
I would definitely recommend this product for those that love to experiment but only want a temporary fix. Redken Color Rebel Hair Makeup will be available this month in October. So perfect for Halloween!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.

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