NYX Macaron Lippie Swatches & Review

Aug 13, 2014

wearing NYX Macaron lipstick in "Earl Grey" with "Chambord" blended in the center

NYX has released a collection of lipsticks named after the popular bakery treats, Macarons. I personally have never tried them since they have almond in them which I do not like. So I can't gush over how awesome they are. They do look very pretty however. I'm excited for these lipsticks because it's hard to find unconventional colors in affordable brands. I myself do not like wearing unusual lip colors, I ordered these for Halloween and to have some fun with experimental looks.

I ordered five of the lippes ( I love that they named them lippies by the way) on Ulta in the shades Violet, Earl Grery, Pistachio, Chambord and Black Sesame. The lipsticks are packaged similar to the NYX Matte Lipsticks. 

From top to bottom: NYX Macaron Lippies in "Violet", "Earl Grey", "Pistachio", "Chambord", Black Sesame

Violet: This color is a pretty Lavender color that is very wearable as well. I love purple lipstick so I had to snatch this one up.This color applied very smoothly and evenly. The texture of these lippies are very nice and creamy.

Black Sesame: Another color that applied fairly easily. A great base color for doing some lip art.

Earl Grey: This color was a little tricky, it took several coats to get it to apply evenly and for it to get proper coverage.

Chambord: I thought this would be the easiest color to get full coverage for but it was pretty difficult to apply. It came out pretty patchy and it took some work to get it on.

Pistachio: Out of all the shades, this might be my favorite. I may not wear this on a regular day but the color is awfully pretty. It also went on very easily and creamy. I'm looking forward to whipping up some Halloween looks using this shade.

All in all, the lipsticks are of decent quality. For the price ($6.00 USD) you can't really go wrong. It's worth working with the colors since you do save a bundle compared to higher-end brands. The only thing I found odd was the smell. It's not a terrible smell but I expected a dessert-inspired scent with these. They have a bit of a rubbery smell but it's pretty faint. Not a deal breaker for me.


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