Style Spotlight: Celia Cruz

Dec 11, 2012

I enjoy doing the Style Spotlight series on my blog because quite often Latinos are overlooked in fashion. I like to honor those that have a great personal style and by showing some pictures of my favorite looks.

I chose Celia Cruz because she was truly iconic. She was way ahead of the wig game before Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj came along. Her bold, colorful style reflected her huge personality. Celia Cruz was a vibrant woman that just enjoyed living life. "La Vida Es Un Carnaval" is still one of my favorite songs. RIP Celia Cruz and thank you for showering us all with your colorful persona.

Me gusta hacer la serie "Style Spotlight" en mi blog porque siento que los Latinos no son bien conocido por su estlio personal. Entonces, me gusta a honrar a aquellos que tienen un gran estilo personal y mostrando algunas fotos de mis looks favoritos.

Elegí Celia Cruz porque era verdaderamente un icono. Ella estaba muy por delante del juego peluca antes de Katy Perry y Nicki Minaj llegó. Su estilo audaz, colorido refleja su personalidad enorme. Celia Cruz fue una mujer vibrante que sólo disfrutaba de la vida viva. "La Vida Es Un Carnaval" sigue siendo una de mis canciones favoritas. RIP Celia Cruz y gracias por la ducha a todos con su personalidad colorida.

how awesome is this sparkly turban?!

At the 2002 Grammys with colored contacts and a blue and white wig

Accenting gold with red lips

she sure loved her outrageous updos!

What I admired most about Celia Cruz was that she didn't let age be a factor in her personal style. She wore whatever she felt like without a care. She epitomizes the saying "you are as old as you feel" and continues to inspire future generations of entertainers.

Lo que más admiraba de Celia Cruz era que ella no dejó que la edad sea un factor en su estilo personal. Llevaba lo que ella sentía como sin cuidado. Ella personifica el dicho "eres tan viejo como te sientes" y sigue inspirando a las futuras generaciones de artistas.

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  1. Ha she sure was an iconic woman throughout, I also admire her everlasting relationship with her husband, beautiful.

  2. I loved them together, you can tell they adored each other

  3. Nice pics and I must say hands also need care and by the hands everyone judge your fist impression, Most of the people take utmost care for their hairs and face but forget hands.


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