Review for Revlon Lashes and Revlon Eyelash Adhesive

Dec 12, 2011

This is the look I'm wearing in my OOTD & No Buy Challenge post. This is a pretty bold look and I wanted to share it since I don't do a very bold eye too often. You will most likely see me with a neutral eye and a bright lip since I'm more of a bold lip kind of girl.

For this looked I used the Wet n Wild 8-pan palette in "Blue Had Me At Hello". The colors are soooo pigmented. I love it! It's a great buy for $4.99. I paired it with a lilac lip, one of my favorites. I also used some Revlon lashes and glue that I was sent for reviewing. The ones I have on are the  "Long, Volumizing #91169" ones. As you can see they are pretty voluminous. I liked them a lot, they are pretty user-friendly and you can get more than one use out of them. This was my second time wearing these. The Revlon lash glue applied blue and I was pretty creeped out until I saw it dried clear LOL. The glue comes with a wand for application which makes a neater application but I don't think it's very hygienic so I wouldn't recommend it for a MUA to use. They retail at 3.99 which makes them pretty affordable considering that you can use a pair more than one time. I have more pictures below of the look where you can see the lashes better.

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Este es el "look" que llevo en OOTD & No Buy Challenge. Este es un aspecto muy audaz, y quería compartirlo, porque yo no uso muchas sombras atrevidas. Es muy probable que me vea con un ojo neutro y un labio brillante. Me gusta muchos los pinta labios colores audaz.

Para este "look"  usé el Wet n Wild 8-pan en la paleta de "Blue Had Me At Hello"Los colores son taaaan pigmentados. ¡Me encanta! Es una gran compra por $ 4.99Lo combine con un labio de color lila, uno de mis favoritos. También usé unas pestañas falsas de Revlon y  el pegamento que me habian enviado  para revisión. Yo use "#91169". Como se puede ver, son bastante voluminosos. Me gustaron mucho, son bastante fáciles de usar y usted puede usarelas mas de una vez. Esta fue mi segunda vez que me la habia puesto .El pegamento de pestañas Revlon aplicó azul y me asustaba bastante hasta que vi que se secó claro. El pegamento viene con una varita  para la aplicación y es bueno para eliminar toyo, pero no creo que sea muy higiénico, así que no se lo recomendaría a un MUA para su uso. Las pestanas cuestan $3.99 USD, un buen precio teniendo en cuenta que puede utilizar un par más de una vez. Tengo más fotos de abajo de el "look" donde se puede ver mejor las pestañas.

Latina Bella Liquid Foundation No 10
Maybelline Fit Me Powder No 350
Black Radiance blush in "Toasted Almond"
TooFaced Shadow Insurance
Wet n Wild 8-pan palette "Blue Had Me At Hello"
Jafra eyeliner in "Black"
Revlon eyelashes "#91169"
Revlon Lash Adhesive
L'oreal Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara
Rimmel lipstick "Vintage Pink"
Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss "Lilac Pastelle"

Disclaimer: Some of the items have been sent to me for review consideration.


  1. Ooooh, your lips look fab! That color is so wonderful! I have that WnW palette and I've used it once. I don't know why, it's so pretty! Great job, wonderful post :)

  2. This post is right on time! I am on the market for some lash glue as I'm going to be trying out some ELF falsies soon (and I hear the included glue isn't very good). So now I know I can find some affordable lashes and glue(that works)by Revlon.

  3. Very pretty!! Hot lips..


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