Jeremy's 2nd Birthday

Apr 25, 2010

My son Jeremy turned 2 on April 20th and I threw him a little birthday party yesterday. His theme was Curious George, he loves the show and you can't help but love the little monkey.

I couldn't add my watermark to my images since I'm blogging from my sister's laptop. Grrr.
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  1. that cake looks so delicious and your outfit is very pretty.

  2. Hi thanks for your lovely comment.
    Hope yr son had a great birthday :) The cake looks so delish! N u look fab


  3. aww hes a cutie!!

    about the Pinky blush.. i just apply it lightly and then start building up the color

  4. Aww Happy belated birthday to him! That cake looks soo yummy. Wow you're a hot mama. MILF =). Cute outfit too.

  5. Thnks every1, the cake was delicious! And thnks Julisa for the blush tip, I'll try it next time.


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