Rainbow Bright (Cute & Cheap Ass Outfits)

Jul 18, 2018

I saw this dress in this buzzfeed article and I immediately fell in love. Since it is pretty loose fitting, I cinched it with a belt to give it some shape. Otherwise, I would've looked like I was wearing a sack. I accessorized with some block heels and this super-cute bag. I was on the fence about getting a bamboo bag and then I saw an affordable option on Amazon, so I definitely took advantage. The bag comes in two sizes. The one in this post is the small size.

Lately, I've been wanting to express myself with bright colors. Perhaps it's because I've been feeling so happy lately. I've been putting up a good fight against the Big D (Depression). Coming clean and writing the post about Depression helped a lot. I used to be ashamed and hide it but it just made me feel worse. I'm glad that I can be honest with myself now. Removing toxic people and relationships from my life has also helped immensely on my self-love journey. While I know depression will always come and go, at least I know that I can now manage the symptoms. 

While this outfit was not under $100, it was still super cheap. Below are the links for the items featured in the post. Everything totals up to about $105.00 USD. That's not too shabby.

dress- Amazon (buy it HERE)
bag-Amazon (buy it HERE)
shoes-Public Desire (similar style HERE)

Photos by: Milli Stephania

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