LA Girl Glazed Lip Paint Review and Swatches

Jul 6, 2014

From clockwise: LA Girl Glazed Lip Paints in Coy, Hot Mess, Baby Doll, Bombshell

Everyone has been raving about the LA Girl Glazed Lip Paints so I had to check them out for myself. I purchased them in four shades: Coy, Hot Mess, Babydoll and Bombshell. These lip paints are like a lipstick and lip gloss hybrid. They are full coverage with a glossy finish. Very similar to the lip tars by OCC except that the lip paints have more of a glossy finish. I also like the minty scent of the product. I hate obnoxious fruity smells with lip products so this was a nice touch. 

Coy: This is a lavender color and the easiest to work out of the four. It applied easily straight from the tube and the color was really opaque. (BTW: This is a great dupe for OCC "Rollergirl")

Hot Mess: Is an orange-y/coral color. This color was kind of messy to apply straight from the tube. I used my finger to spread the product on my lips.

Babydoll: Is a light, cool-toned pink. This color is not forgiving on dryness so be sure to have those puckers exfoliated and moisturized. Otherwise it won't apply evenly.

Bombshell: Is a bright fuschia. I love bright pinks and this does not disappoint. Like Hot Mess, It is easier to apply the product with your finger or a brush.

The only thing I don't like about the lip paints is the applicator. I feel like it should have had more of a brush than just a plastic tip. I feel like it would make application easier. Or a little brush should have been included with the lip paints but for the price, I'm not really complaining. Plus, they're easy to apply with your finger. Minus Babydoll, I like the formula and the scent is nice and minty.

I purchased the LA Girl Lip Paints at ikatehouse. They were priced at $2.99 USD. I have seen them averaging between $2.99-4.50 USD. 

Pros: inexpensive, clean scent, range of shades, full coverage, great pigmentation, glossy finish.
Cons: some shades apply unevenly, can be a little messy. 
Final Verdict: Get em!


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