Aging Make-Up Mistakes Which Many Women Make

Mar 14, 2014

When you’re young you are able to experiment with makeup to your hearts content - young skin can look good with just about any amount of makeup - you will get away with too much, it is possible to look beautiful and natural with too little - there really are no rules or limitations in terms of applying the perfect makeup to younger skin.

The problems learn to arise when women begin to reach their mid to late 30’s - rather than experimenting with colors and fashions make-up takes on a whole different role - it’s all about trying to cover the inevitable fatigue and signs of aging - this is why many women begin to get it wrong - an excessive amount of make-up is definite over kill however, not enough makeup can leave you looking bland - both have the effect of adding many years instead of hiding them.

Let’s look at a number of make-up mistakes which make you peer older than you really are.

• The complexion takes on a different skin tone as you become older - wearing the identical tones as you grow older can leave you looking extremely pasty. Go for warmer skin tones with less pink undertones to counteract ruddy cheeks.

• Beware of harsh, cartoon like eyebrows. They may look fine in your twenties but are pretty ridiculous when you are getting older. Use an eyebrow pencil which is hard rather than soft to leave your eyebrows looking much more natural.

If you’re not careful, • Blushers can add years. Instead of stroking your blusher brush out of your lips up to your ears swirl a bit blush higher up on the apples in the cheeks. The existing mouth - ear technique can emphasize gauntness within the older face.

• Bleeding lipsticks are a constant problem for the older face but can be avoided using a couple of simple techniques. Lip pencil may be the old favorite method but you should also apply your lipstick with a brush and not directly from the tube. If you apply your lipstick straight from the stick or tube you’ll probably end up having more than you require and the extra lipstick is definitely the problem migrating across the border of the lips. Dip your makeup brush onto the lipstick and dab just a little bit at the lips center before spreading it all out towards the corners of the mouth.

• Eye shadow colors can also come up with a big impact as you get older. Much favored brown eye shadows have red or yellow pigments which can make the eye area look increasingly tired, neutral bone type shades might also not work quite so well on older eyes since they will often be too light in color to cover any natural discoloration of the eyelids. The best shades to go for are jewel or sage type tones.

• Curling your eyelashes can help to make your eyes look awake, bright and youthful so don’t forget to use an eyelash curler as well as mascara. Mascara can weigh the eyelashes down making them heavy so don’t forget to curl them upwards - holding the curler for about 15 seconds for the best effect. If it comes to an option between eyeliner and mascara go for the mascara each time.

• Don’t be afraid to blend up your lip colors. Try out different lip colors as you grow older as opposed to sticking with old favorites. The possibility of using the wrong lip color isn’t actually in the color at all; it’s all to the application. Remember our top tips for applying lipstick and go for sheer colors for the best effect.

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