Sangria Inspired Lips

Aug 1, 2013

One of my favorite summertime activities is dining al fresco. And I love to drink sangria while eating. It is such a delicious drink. I had the most amazing guava sangria not too long ago and I was mesmerized by the color of it. It had a pink tinge to the deep red color and I was dying to find a lipstick that color. I thought it would be such a great lip color for the summertime, something different from all the brights that we are used to seeing. And the pink in it keeps it from looking to dark, I think.

Here is my lip recipe for the perfect sangria lip color:

1. As always, start with clean, moisturized lips. You don't want cracks and dryness.
2. Line your lips with a fuchsia colored lip liner. I used NYX slim lip pencil in "Fuschia". 
3. Fill in your lips with the Fuchsia lip liner.
4. Apply a rich red lip color over the lip liner. I used the appropriately named "Sangria" by Milani. I added the pink to get the guava-sangria color I was going after.


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