DIY Collar Necklace

Sep 12, 2012

lipstick: Wet n Wild MegaShield lip color "It's a Girl"

Collar necklaces are a BIG trend this fall (see my post on fashion trends). They come in a variety of styles. I decided to get my DIY on and make my own. I followed the instructions on Henry Happened to make mine. I bought my supplies at Michael's in the Upper West Side. I got everything for less than $15.00. It was fairly easy to do, you just need patience and a good eye.

Here is how mine came out. I used slightly different shades of gold for a subtle contrast.

 I can't wait to wear it against fall colors, particularly oxblood and eggplant.


  1. IG did not do this necklace justice, Love it and can't wait to see you rock it with eggplant colors like you mentioned....

  2. cute!<3
    i've been wanting a necklace like that


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