DIY Ombré Hair

Apr 22, 2012

I had decided to get ombré hair because it looked so easy to do and I wanted an edgy look to my hair. I was tired of my hair color and wanted to try something new. After researching it (thank you Google!) I decided to do it on myself.

The word ombré hair is French for "to shade". In the hair coloring world,  it is when your hair goes gradually from dark to light. It looks like you're growing out your roots a little bit. I wanted something similar to Camila Alves' ombre because I didn't want to go extremely blonde.

I have some hair coloring knowledge and I have dyed my own hair more times than I can count. However, the thought of bleaching my hair made me a little nervous. I had seen several tutorials where girls used highlighting kits for their ombre. However,  I had my hair dyed a chocolate brown previously so it required a couple of extra steps. I had to remove all the dye from my hair. So I used L'oreal Effasol Color Remover. I mixed the L'oreal Effasol Color Remover together with Vol 20 developer.

First I tied my hair in four pigtails, securing the bands below my chin. I didn't want the lighter color too close up. I used the pigtail method so it can be less messy and it was also easier for me. With the pigtailo method you have to remember to blend out the dye so you won't get a harsh line but a gradual lightening of color. I applied the Effasol to my ends first, I then waited for about 15 minutes before I  applied it to the rest of my pigtails. This is so my ends can be the lightest and sothe subtle change in shades can be seen. After applying it to the rest of the pigtails, I waited about 25 minutes and when I saw my hair lightening, I parked myself in front of my bathroom mirror to monitor it to make sure it didn't get too blonde.

L'oreal Effasol Color Remover

After about 20 minutes, I removed the pigtails and used the dye brush to blend the dye out so I won't have any harsh lines. I waited 10 more minutes then washed my hair. My hair was a horrible, gingery orange. I expected this to happen because of the natural red tones in my hair.

EEEEK! Scary right?

 To counteract the red/orange in my hair, I bought a violet toner. Yes, violet. Violet neutralizes the red and oranges in your hair by depositing cooler tones. I used Wella Color Charm in "Silver Lady. I mixed it with Vol 20 developer again but left it on for about 15 minutes. And voila! The ash tones in "Silver Lady" made the ginger mess into a nice neutral light brown/dark blonde.

My hair before:

And After:

For maintenance, I use hair ampoules that provide moisture for my hair since the bleach dried it out. I like THESE by Salerm.

More Ombre Pics:

I must say it is tough being a Latina with ombré hair. My hairdresser (of course I get my hair did at a Dominican salon) doesn't quite understand why I got an ombré. She thought it was a hair-dyeing accident lol.

Disclaimer: This post is based on my own experience coloring my hair. Try at your own risk and consult a hair care professional before attempting it on yourself.


  1. ohhh so daring. I've been thinking of changing my hair up but not sure how.. This looks really good.ampoules are the best too!

  2. Loving the ombre hair, looks really good.

  3. Love it! It came out good.
    I just gave my sister ombre hair last week.. I'll be posting that soon =)


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