My New Year's Eve Look

Jan 2, 2012

Motel "Jet" playsuit (buy it here in the ASOS website)
Forever 21 earrings and bangles
Gold glitter Halston pumps

Happy New Year! Hope you all had fun on New Year's Eve with your loved ones. I sure did!
 I don't know about you but I love dressing up every year. It's your last outfit of the year so it has to be fabulous! I always wear everything new to embrace anything new the new year has to offer. And it's also a way to bring in luck to me.

I originally wanted to wear a white dress that I saw on the Nasty Gal website. I ordered it and Nasty Gal decides to tell me THREE days later that my sized was sold out. I was so annoyed by that! So after browsing, I saw this playsuit and fell in love! So it worked out perfectly in the end.

It looked a little different in person. It looked more low-cut on the website and in the picture it has a concealed opening in the front. The one I received wasn't cut as low and there was no opening in the front. I didn't mind it much because it eased any nip-slip worries. It fit me a little loose, so my best friend took it in for me. Then I just scrunched up the sleeves and voila!
time for a closeup
my irridescent French mani using Essie's "Nude Beach"
I accessorized with these super long earrings from Forever 21 and some gold bangles and wore some gold glitter pumps. You might recognize the pumps from last year's Christmas post. I forgot to take pictures of my makeup like an airhead and I'm mad because it was so pretty! It was pretty neutral with some bronze in it but it went with the red very well.


  1. I can't believe how good you look! So beautiful! You really know how to put an outfit together. This is perfection!

  2. You looked gorgeous, red is your color !

  3. I love the outfit : ) Happy 2012!!

  4. Love the look you came up with! I can't wait to drop a few inches to get back into sexy outfits. Of course, I have til 12/31/12 lol

  5. gorgeous!! definitely in love with your outfit.. really love those shoes!

  6. Wow you look amazing! You really know how to dress, the earrings, make-up and your beauty all look good. In slang, "you look hot girl!"


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