Wa-Hi Goes Green with Eco-Fashion In The Park

Sep 26, 2011

model in design by Bridget Artise of "Born Again Vintage"
Yesterday, I attended the "Eco-Fashion In The Park" event in Highbridge Park in northern Manhattan (Washington Heights). I had a great time and enjoyed seeing the runway show. I reside in the Washington Heights- Inwood neighborhood in northern Manhattan and I was really glad to see that my neighborhood is becoming more conscious of the environment. And also that steps are being taken to teach its residents about being more eco-friendly. District 10 Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez and Gina Constanza did a great job producing this event.

The show was hosted by media personalities The Mari Twins, and they brought a lot of energy and enthusiasm with them. There were a total of 11 designers presenting their works and a lot of the pieces were quite imaginative and unique.

models showcasing designs by accessories designer Marlissa Markario

The show was kicked off by an adorable toddler girl modeling accessories by Marlissa Markario. Marlissa Markario started designing as a hobby, creating accessories for her daughters and nieces. She uses unworn and unwanted clothing for her designs. Her designs were really cute and her models even cuter.

models for Karina Fernandez, a promosing 10 year old designer
one of my favorite pieces being a huge Audrey Hepburn fan

Miriam Guerrero from Original Wear (OW)

Following Marlissa Markario was Karina Fernandez, a ten year old who aspires to be a fashion designer when she grows up. I see a lot of potential in Fernandez, i absolutely loved her designs. They were full of color and different textures. Also, a lot of her pieces were convertible, increasing its uses. Miriam Guerrero had her models dancing down the runway and her show had a lot of energy which went great with the pop inspired tees from the Original Wear line.
designs by Sandra Baquero

Lissy Gomez of LVG designs, I found them to be very fairytale-like

designs by Tom Sohung, really loved the men's zippered hoody.

some of the many ways the "Kimono Dragon" dress by Trudy Miller can be worn

designs by Wendell Johnston, whose jackets have been worn by celebrities such as John Legend

There was also a live demonstration by Trudy Miller. She has a background in architecture and started designing because she wanted clothes that would last her through out the whole day and she won't have to carry around so much bulk with her when she goes to meetings and such. As she was explaining, one of the models was showing some of the many different ways oneof her pieces could be worn. Her "Kimono Dragon' piece can be worn from 6 to 20 different ways, amazing! To learn more about Trudy Miller and her designs, you can go to http://solutionista.com/.

Other designers that presented were Sandra Baquero, Lajuanda Moody, Iliana Quander, Wendell Johnston, Tom Sohun, Brigite Artis, Lissy Gomez and Ana Segura. I was amazed at the different ways these designers used old clothing and other materials to make new designs. I'll admit, sitting there I felt kind of wasteful. I'm the type to find any occasion to buy an outfit for. Seeing these presentations inspired me a little bit to be more creative with what I already have and cut down on shopping. So I too, learned something from this event. And I'm pretty sure a lot of the spectators did too.

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