China Glaze Crackle Nail Lacquer Swatches & Review

Apr 13, 2011

China Glaze Crackle Nail Lacquer in "Lightning Bolt" and "Black Mesh"

My journey to acquire these polishes was kind of frustrating. These babies were sold out practically everywhere! In the city, there are not too many places that sell China Glaze so I had to search online. Even there, I didn't have much luck. So I finally had to purchase them from Amazon. I ended paying about ten dollars for both (Black Mesh cost more than Lightning Bolt) from two different sellers (I really wanted these polishes!). I was very pleased that both sellers shipped my products promptly and I got them within a week.

So here's some info about the Crackle Polishes..

FROM THE COMPANY: The China Glaze Crackle Glaze Collection for Spring 2011 features innovative technology that creates a deconstructed crackle design over your favorite shimmer, glitter or crème nail lacquer. The look is edgy, creative, and makes a bold statement. This unique crackle polish is specially formulated to crack as it dries, creating a fun design.

DIRETIONS: Apply your favorite China Glaze polish. Depending on the color you are using, apply either one or two coats for full coverage. When the colored enamel is dry, brush on a thin layer of the Crackle Glaze color. Allow the Crackle Glaze top phase to work its magic during dry time. After approximately 5 minutes when the Crackled design has completely formed, apply a top coat to seal the design for prolonged wear.

My Review: The Crackle polishes come in six colors but I only got two which were "Black Mesh" and "Lightning Bolt". I had absolutely no trouble with Black Mesh. The first time I used it over China Glaze's "For Audrey" and it crackled perfectly. The polish will crackle more intricately if you apply thinner coats. I laid it on pretty thick the first time and the cracks weren't that fine. It is pretty cool to watch it crackle as you're doing your nails. I haven't tried "Lightning Bolt" yet as i am going to do a nail tutorial using that color.

Black Mesh layered over For Audrey

You don't have to use China Glaze nail lacquers as a base, I just used For Audrey because it's one of my favorites. The second time, I used N.Y.C's "Late Night Lilac". This time, I used thinner coats so I liked the crackle effect this time around.

Black Mesh over N.YC "Late Night Lilac"

This is one of the rare instances where I give a product a perfect score. I liked everything about this product and have almost no complaints. It does have a smell that's kind of paint-like but it didn't bug me much because all nail polishes are smelly anyway lol. They are now more easily available online, now that the hype has died down a bit.

PROS: affordable, comes in a variety of colors, easy (and fun!) to use
CONS: hard to find in the NYC area



  1. Love it over For Audrey, which I have. Hmm, now I have to find the crackle polish lol.

  2. love the nails.. i still haven't got myself a crackle nail polish =( i need to make that happen lol

  3. Love the crackle polish, the first one looks great.

  4. I Love The Crackle Bought It Like A Year Ago I Want The Pink Crackle Got The Rest Just Need Pink Help Me Find It!!!!


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