Review: Nailene So Natural Artificial Nails

Aug 2, 2010

I was contacted by Melissa Sakamoto at Nailene to do a product review. She sent me a whole bunch of goodies to try out and review.

From Nailene: Nailene is a leading artificial nail, French Manicure, and nail treatment brand sold in over 40,000 retail stores with a brand presence in 39 countries. With over 30 years in nail care, Nailene is staking its position as a proud beauty brand with a trendy, affordable style.

 Today, I'll be reviewing the Nailene "So Natural" artificial nails. They're the second ones pictured in the photo above. I got sent the "square, short length" style in a french design.

So here is everything  the kit comes with:
comes with a set of 24 nails (varied size), cuticle stick, nail file and nail glue

This kit comes with everything you need basically. So first thing I did was swipe my nails with some acetone and i washed my hands to get rid of any residue I might have on my nails. Then, I followed the instructions on the package which were simple and well written.

Here is a before pic of my nails:

plain and boring

And after:

instant glamour!

I found them to be a little too long and square for my liking. I like my nails to be "rounded square", I don't like sharp corners on them. They were also too long to be considered "short length" in my opinion. So i filed them down a little to make them shorter. I like that they are really easy to work with in terms of filing and shaping.

So here is a pic after i finished filing them and rounding the corners a bit:

As you can see, they look very pretty and natural. I was happy wearing them until the evening when one fell off! I'm here thinking perhaps it was my fault so I just re-glued it. The next morning, another one fell off! So maybe it's the glue that has a flaw and it's the reason why they don't last long. Nailene also sent a glue apart from the kits they sent me but I just used the one that came with the nail kit. So next time, when I try the other set of nails, I will use the other glue instead. Also, when they fall, you don't even feel them. Both times the nail fell, I didn't even know until I saw my finger. The first time I was with my friend but she knew they were fake and the second time I was alone. Both times, I was saved.

Besides the whole nails-falling-off incident, I really liked these nails. They're not flimsy and cheap and they look very nice and natural when you wear them. Also, they're not super thick. And the thing I like the most is that they are super easy to remove and don't damage your real nails. They get major points for that!

the good: look natural, sturdy, easy to use, affordable, doesn't damage your real nails, not time-consuming
the bad: glue in kit is faulty

To find out more about Nailene, visit their blog at or follow them on Twitter @nailene

Disclaimer: I was provided with these products by Nailene for reviewing.

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