Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Day Lips

Happy Valentine's Day! Whether you're going out with a special someone or just hanging with friends, hope you all have a good time. I wanted to share two lip looks that are bold and super easy to do. All you need is some patience and the right tools.

Look 1: Heart Lips

1. Apply your base color first on lips. I used "Pink Pop" from the new Maybelline VIVID collection.
2. Using a lip brush, trace a heart on your lips then fill the heart in. I used a crazy-bright red so that it can be seen when applied on my lips. I used NYX round lipstick in "Chaos".
3. Go over and neaten up edges as needed.

Look 2: Pink Ombre Lips

1. Traced the top half of your lips with a dark pink lip liner. I used "Fuchsia" by NYX. Then, go over the lip liner with a matching lipstick. I used "Hot Plum", which is another shade in the Maybelline VIVID collection. Apply a light pink to your bottom lip. I used NYX round lipstick in "Harmonica". Then with a lip brush, I blended "Hot Plum" into the inner middle of my bottom lip. And done! This look is more wearable. Even on a date! I'm sure you valentine will dig the subtle edge.

I also have a complete face look for Valentine's Day, which you can view HERE.


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